30 Mar

Brain Communicate without Electricity

Neuronii sunt in jur de 1 miliard. Neuroglia sau tesutul Glial are in jur de 10-20 de miliarde de celule.
Mintea nu este rezidenta in neuroni care au doar incarcare electrica de transmisie. Deci semnalul pe neuron e temporar.
Mintea pare a fi e un proces care face apel la memorii (informatii) de diferite durate ce e foarte probabil sa fie stocate in neuroglia.
Acum vine bomba.
Neuroglia se ocupa printre altele si de microbi si…

by R. Douglas Fields

Glia are brain cells that cannot generate electrical impulses.  As a consequence glia were thought to have no function in information processing or transmission.  In fact glia were communicating with themselves and with neurons all along, but without using electricity.  For a century neuroscientists were deaf to glial communication as they passionately studied neurons, because they were using the wrong tools for the job.  Probing the brain with electrodes, the way neuroscientists do to understand neuronal communication, is useless to intercept glial communications.  What revealed glia communicating was a new technique called calcium imaging, developed in the 1980s and 90s.  These videos will allow you to see with your own eyes glia communicating using waves of calcium.


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