06 Aug

Constructal Law

Wealth means movement today, not some gold hidden in a cave and forgotten. This view places the concept of “wealth” in physics. A country is wealthy (developed, advanced) because it moves more material and people than the underdeveloped. Fuel that flows (extracted, sold, burned) is wealth , because it sustains the movement of people and goods, in accord with the constructal-law tendency to morph to move more easily. Fuel saved in the ground is not wealth, because it does not create movement. Likewise, money that is being spent (to drive the flow of fuel, which generates movement) is wealth; money that is hoarded (not spent) is not wealth.Adrian Bejan PhD. -The Constructal Law in Nature and Society

In many parts of science, and in life, we have “black boxed” the processes through which things change. We put energy into a box called entropy and note that it dissipates. We are born and then we die—but in between something happens, we live. The Constructal Law is important because it not only describes the patterns of change in the world within and around us, but it allows us to predict how the configuration of those patterns will evolve over time.

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