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NLP Easy Glossary

Agreement Frame

Eah, I suppose I’d like world peace too.

Analog Change

The switch to digital watches in the 70’s causing Americans to become analog illiterate

Analog marking

Putting numbers on your Rolex so you have a better chance of being on time


Playing kneeseys

Assertiveness Training

Learning to be rude in one weekend when NLP could have done it in less than an hour


Lulling someone into a state of vulnerability through monotony; see redundancy

Behavioral Flexiblity

If you can avoid the strait jacket, you’re going to win; see Controlled Lunacy

Break State

Freaking someone out with inappropriate behavior; see Anchoring and Catholic School Girls

Briefest Therapy

CHANGE DAMMIT!; brandishing a weapon has been known to increase success rates


Scientific hallucination


If you read this you will buy only brand name cereals on your next trip to the grocery store

Chaining Responses

Behavioral Slavery


Having a person in place of one of your senses


Piecemeal; too lazy to do the whole thing at once

Collapsing Anchors

Similar to electrocution; client may catch fire if you’re good

Complex Equivalence

See Simple Equivalence a dozen or more times

Compulsion Blowout

on/off On/Off ON/OFF ON!/OFF! … I’d just as soon sit in the dark

Conditional Close

If she gets the house, I get the dog

Conflict Integration

Fist Fight

Conflict Integration Model

As above with boxing gloves and a referee


Really means it this time

Contrastive Analysis

Mine’s bigger than yours


The juicy parts

Context reframing

Making them less juicy

Conversational Postulates

Can you tell me how you decide to take someone for granted?

Creating Alternate History


Criteria, Hierarchy of

What you would save first in a fire: your dog, your wife or your cherished stamp collection including that perfect block of Charles Lindburgh with that cool aviator’s cap; see Food Chain

Critical Submodalities

The part of the picture that gives you the most trouble; i.e. blurriness, snow, ghosts, etc.

Cross-over Mirroring

Completely harmless – not to be confused with trans-sexual mirroring

Deep Trance ID

Most driver’s licenses and passports already contain a picture of the owner in a near somnambulistic trance – so don’t sweat it

Digital Change

Daylight savings time


A group or club you’re no longer a member of

Double Induction

Joining the army and navy on the same day just for laughs


The part of the TV tuning that screws up all the rest of the picture when you barely touch it


What the unskilled use to induce an altered state


The consideration that if you don’t recycle this aluminum can and actually throw it away, it may be the one piece of garbage that causes the landfill to spontaneously erupt into flames resulting in the destruction of the Earth

Embedded Command

You might want to PICK UP YOUR SOCKS, DAMMIT! before you go to the library.

Embedded Question

Gosh, it’s good to hear, Why me, Oh God why, just go ahead and twist the knife in deeper, Oh God why?, that your ex is coming to visit.

Expectancy, Response

If I put money in this machine, I will get a caffeine-free diet Coke.

Expectancy, Self-Efficacy

If I kick the hell out of this money-stealing machine, I will get my Coke.

Expectancy, Outcome

If I can put up bail, strap explosives to it and blow it to kingdom come, hopefully I’ll be able to find a Coke in the debris.

Eye-Accessing Cues

The eyes giving away which part of the brain is to blame


Final exam for the dissociation section of a practitioner training

Firing an Anchor

Ridding yourself of someone who plays kneeseys at inappropriate times


Pacing yourself so you don’t get what you want too fast

Generative Intervention

A technique that not only changes you but your parents and children as well. Care should be taken that this doesn’t spill over onto cousins and innocent bystanders


Inducing a trance state with chicken behavior as a requisite


Being dropped on your head at an early age


Forgetting to put sleep on your ‘to-do list


Well, uh… sure I’ll do that.

Integrate Responses

Forced desegregation; see Busing

Lead System

A system that has yet to have the lead removed

Lost Performative

A mislaid thespian

 Map of Reality

An oxymoron


Pretending someone is someone else, often used with overly-familiar sex partners


The act of striking a match


Not quite the actual model


Not quite the specific outcome


Not quite a real person


Not quite what you’re actually talking about


Not quite all there

Mind Reading

I know, I know. Only halfway through. Too much to digest at once and you’re going numb. Hey take a break. Pop a couple of codine for your head and meet me back here in a couple of hours.


Vanity to Excess

Modal Operators

The kid or adult male that should be at the controller of a Radio Shack toy


The art of making modals


Modaling for the less skilled

Motivation Strategy

Looking for something that’s really exciting about getting the laundry done

Multiple Personalities

Several people, one location

Negative Command

Go ahead, leave! Tear my heart out! Don’t concern yourself with whether live or die! Go ahead, leave, I don’t mind!

New Behavior Generator

Falsifying your past in the hopes that it will become a habit; see Mimicking


Something too big to fit in a wheelbarrow


Someone too lazy to get involved

Organ Language

Something best left in Doctor’s offices and locker rooms


Expenses; as opposed to income


Nervous habit curable by NLP


See Organ Language above

Parts Party

Orgy; see Crisco, Butter-flavored

Perceptual Filter

A sense censor

Phonological Ambiguity

The inescapable knowledge that you no records will end up skipping even when knew

Polarity Responses

Varies with the orientation of your magnet


Those lower in the food chain; see Prey

Preferred Representational System

I personally prefer democracy

Presuppositions – Adjectives and Adverbs

Fortunately, chocolate-glazed doughnuts are self-explanitory and happily they communicate their meaning very effectively.

Presuppositions – Behavioral

Your fly’s open. Ha! Ha! Made you look.

Presuppositions – Existential Or

To be or not to be, that is the presupposition.

Presuppositions – Time Words

After jumping from a plane and before pulling the ripcord, be sure you’re following the rules of gravity.

Presuppositions – Ordinals

At first glance men seem obvious, but could it hurt to look a second time?

Presuppositions – Awareness Words

Now you understand how easy it is to notice the facility with which you know what it is you are doing.

Process Words

Chop, blend, puree, liquify, etc.


Your unconscious flexing muscle (or not)


Not agreeing with the popular view of reality; see Individual

Puncuational Ambiguity

I understand that your husband is very impotent that you have your needs fufilled. -or- Step out onto the deck John before I know way he could possibly miss Swenson’s watch out!, he exclaimed.


Reducing someone to a state of vulnerability so that you can impress upon them the reasonableness of your ideas


Quickly exchanging the old frame of a house with a new one so that when the roof and exterior siding settle in, it will have a different shape. Caution: If adding new rooms or going from a ranch to a two-story colonial be sure to lay a new foundation first.


Stop acting your age!


Being dropped on your head as an adult

Remedial Intervention

Working with clients that have been put back a year


Friction caused by not lubing the ball-bearings in a client’s head prior to taking their brain for a spin

Reality Strategy

A method of coding whether something actually happened by repeating “Do I Really want this to be real?”

Resource State

Depends on the needed resource; i.e. Alaska’s good for polar bears and ice cubes

Selectional Restriction

“Hey, nice Black and Decker two-speed reversable torque driver with optional drag clutch,” said Cary. By selectional restriction, Cary is an idiot.

Sensory Acuity

The belief that you know what’s going on in someone’s head when they haven’t the foggiest notion

Self Referential Index

Seeing things from your own perspective; often dull and confusing

Separator State

Inanities – So what did you have for lunch? Is that your real hair?; lately the term has also become synonymous with Western Kansas

Shift Referential Index

Getting bored and noting if others have the same dull outlook

Six-Step Reframing

Giving your parts more ways to behave; usually performed in a dark closet between two consenting adults

Spontaneous Remission

The immune system changes it’s mind

Stacking Anchors

Adding more of an illicit thrill by risking repetative knee touching

Stealing an Anchor

Akin to stealing a kiss and rarely do they prosecute


The science of streamlining tasks by moving your eyes in certain patterns. Bad strategies can be elicited by staring into the victim’s eyes and repeating over and over “How do you decide it’s time to fold the laundry?” until they give up in exhaustion and come right out and admit their deficiencies.


Homemade modalities of lesser quality


Sound made by fingernails moving to your mouth

 Switch Referential Index

When you can’t stand your own point of view anymore and become someone else


A state of mind used typically by those who have trouble with anesthesia and brought on by watching a Perry Como Christmas special without sound while a Butthole Surfers CD blares in the background; Warning: The ACLU is investigating this practice with regard to cruel and unusual behavior

Tag Questions

You’re it, aren’t you.

Tape Editing

Editing out sections of your home movies to prove to people that you weren’t such a bad guy after all


Temporarily ridding the client of that annoying personality


Making up a story to go with the picture when the audio goes out on the TV or in the case of radio, imagining what the DJ really looks like

Unconscious Movement

Usually experienced passing the Hagen Daz section in the grocery store

Universal Qualifier

Of all the language patterns this has always been my favorite. Every time. Would I lie to you? Never.

Unspecified Noun

They usually don’t have a problem with this

Well-Formed Outcome

A goal you actually have a chance of attaining such as: I’d like to stop and pick up some bread at the grocery store. Assuming the car runs, you having sufficient money, the store being open and having bread in stock and avoiding such things as personal injury, an old lover coming to town, your spouse finding out and/or your unexpected demise this should be easily accomplished.

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