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Human Excellence by Ovidiu Panea
AB CURRICULUM by Ovidiu Panea

Instead of using TWITTER or FACEBOOK for learning purposes I’ve decided to create these WEB LIBRARY OF IDEAS – two blogs  filled in with texts, videos, audios, data, info, ideas and more from people I admire in the world. That is my way of putting things together so a brilliant mind, just by experiencing these, might step into a revolutionary way of health, wealth and happiness or, to put it boldly, understands the HUMAN DEVELOPMENT today & tomorrow.



 Documente academice, cercetari si carti referitoare la Modelele, Tehnicile si Aplicatiile NLP

JOBEQ – Belgium
Mai jos un document lista de 72 de pagini despre cercetari legate de NLP.

Cine mai preda NLP in Romania si in Lume

Andy Szekely – Dezvoltare personala si prosperitate:

Daniel Bichis – Competent Consulting:

Michael Carroll’s NLP Academy (UK):

Daniel Smith’s The China NLP Society:

Chris &Jules Collingwood’s INSPIRITIVE (AUS):

Tad James’ Time Line Therapy:

NLP Comprehensive (training company):

BrieF’R Formation – Elvetia –

Alte resurse si traineri NLP in lume

Anglo American Bookshop

The home of NLP as far as books and now tapes and CDs (as well) are concerned.  Forget Amazon and W.H. Smiths online – for all your NLP, hypnosis, etc. requirements come here first.

Dr Franz-Josef Hueker’s prime NLP site for all German-speaking countries.

Claus Bjørnbak’s Links and Bøger (books) site for NLPers in Denmark.

Don Blackerby
“I Have a Dream” – A well-presented, diverse and interesting site built around the work of Dr Don Blackerby, author of Rediscover the Joy of Learning.  Special emphasis on ADD.

Canadian Association of NLP / L’Association Canadienne de PNL
Bilingual Canadian website – includes details of the CANLP/ACPNL 2003 Spring Conference.

Central London NLP Group
A very professional-looking website, primarily directed at members and potential members of the Cental London NLP Group – but with plenty of information relevant to the NLP community in general.

Change Magic
Change Magic is described as, “an attitude, a book, a training course, a collection of CDs, a toolkit and this website” with a strong hint of NLP.  Visitors can sign up for a monthly newsletter.

Clean Language
The site for Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, two NLP trainers of longstanding reputation who are working to develop and deepen the knowledge base of NLP through their support for the work of “Clean Language” inventor David Groves.
Includes a substantial number of high quality NLP-related articles.  Excellent selection of online articles – well worth a visit.

Collège Romand de PNL
A very professional-looking Swiss website, rich in resources (visit the “site map” to get the full picture). Well worth a visit.

Communications In Action
This site is based around business and learning with a strong, but not exclusive NLP element.

Croatia Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers’ Association
Although it is still under development, this new (November, 2002) Croatian language website has an very professional/business-like feel to it.  The primary purpose of the site is to publicise the courses run by the CNLPTA, but I’m assured that it will soon feature additional links, NLP articles, etc.
Definitely a site to watch for Croatian nationals, especially those located in the area of Zagreb.

Freedom Technology Resource Directory
Actually this is just a links list, but what the heck – if it provides more choices … 8¬)

Ideas Seminars
Site for Rex and Carolyn Sykes’ training company – and much more.  Includes a select links list (covering a variety of topics), articles on NLP and DHE, book reviews, etc., etc.  Nice design, too.

Informativo De PNL
Based in Brasil this is a Portuguese-language NLP site with masses of information on training, books, links, etc., etc.
(There appears to be some material in Spanish as well.)
Seriously, I may not be able to read the language but it’s clear that a lot of hard work has gone into this site.  If you speak the language, or at least read it, this has to be a “must visit”!

Dale Kirby’s META-WEB
Well-presented answers to FAQs and resources links in NLP section.  Lots of other interesting stuff on site.

Genie Laborde
Clean, crisp and brightly coloured, this is a well-designed site covering a range of topics from “Dovetailing” to “Potty training”. Includes a sampler of Ms Laborde’s PEGASUS training programme, a personal CV and a limited links list.

Leading Edge
This must surely be one of the best NLP sites on the Web.  Although it is clearly designed to advertise Larry McLauchlin’s book Advanced Language Patterns Mastery, this purpose is almost lost in the wealth of material on offer – Links, Exercises, Articles, and that’s just for starters.

Lee Lady
“Iconoclastic”, “eccentric”, “eclectic” – just a few of the good things about this amazing site by (Professor of Mathematics) Lee Lady.  Lots of really interesting and informative material in and around NLP.  A definite ‘bookmark’ site.

Mastery InSight Institute of NLP(tm)
Jonathan is a well-established NLP trainer, and host of a weekly IRC Chat group on NLP topics.  Not surprisingly, then, the site is packed with all sorts of good stuff.  Well worth a visit.

Merl’s World
Belgian site – includes reviews for NLP books in French, Dutch, German and English, answers to FAQs and very extensive list of trainers worldwide.

La Pagina Mexicana de PNL
Apart from their somewhat eccentric choice to list Stephen Gilligan as one of the VIPs of NLP, this appears (to someone not familiar with Mexican Spanish) to be a lively NLP site with a good selection of book reviews, articles, etc.

New Oceans
What started out, if I remember correctly, as an NLP in education site has spread it’s wings and now includes sections on NLP at work and NLP in coaching, as well.  Alongside details of the company’s training courses, etc., there are plenty of interesting (and free!) resources – 8 out of 10 of the book icons on the left actually opens out to reveal numerous sub-sections.  Do give it a visit.

NLP Information Centre (NIC) site. Recently re-designed, frames-based site includes a bookstore, events, resource links, cartoons, and much more.

This is a brand new site for a UK-based NLP trainer and coach.  The graphic design is excellent, though the site is still under construction right now.

NLP Bookstore
Another Andy Smith production, this site features a small but select set of NLP book reviews divided into sections on NLP & EQ, NLP in business, Advanced NLP, Hypnosis and NLP, Therapy and more ( with purchasing links to and
Commercial the site may be, but that clearly hasn’t deterred Andy from expressing a critical opinion (or two) when he thinks it’s warranted.

NLP in Business
Dedicated to helping individuals and companies make the best use of NLP techniques.
Snappy design, easy to navigate and includes a collection of interesting “resources” (articles).

NLP and Coaching Institute
An excellent site (previously known as the NLP Institute of California) is run by Kris and Tim Hallbom.  Whilst it supports thethe Hallboms’ training company, the site has some useful links and a star-studded articles section.
Well worth a visit or two, or three … .

NLP Connections
Started only few years ago by Chris Morris, this has now become a popular discussion and information site with an international reputation and several thousand members.  Discussions tend to be more “civilised” than on some other chat groups, though actual contents are as likely to range from the sublime to the ridiculous as they are anywhere else.
Registration is required, but free.  Well worth a look.

NLP Education Network
Already close on 2 years old, this group is working hard to bring the best of NLP and other leading edge approaches to education into the British school system.  Includes details if the group’s activities and an excellent collection of links to other relevant sites.

NLP Meetup
Searching for other NLPers in your area?  This looks like a very useful place to start your search.

NLP Resources
You’d be hard put to guess that this site is a personal production by Andrew Peacock and NOT the PR for an NLP company.  Can’t say I love the basic colour scheme, but other than that this is a really excellent labour of love.  Lots of ‘departments’ – books, links, articles, Mental Models, etc. – WELL worth a visit.

NLP Seminar Group International
John La Valle’s site, with Noo Joyzee additood, plus information, training, products, links, the world of NLP in a single site.

NLP Seminars Nederland
Erwin van den Boogaard’s well-designed new Dutch language website.   Includes book reviews, FAQs, news and seminar details.

The Northern School of NLP and Associated Studies
Basically a site for advertising the “School’s” courses, but with plenty of freebies on offer.  Includes a number of short NLP-related articles, a links page, an “exercise of the month”, a chat group, a VERY useful list of points to consider when choosing an NLP course/trainer AND the opportunity to win a place on one of the School’s “Self Build” workshops.

Joseph O’Connor
Yes, that Joseph O’Connor.  He writes books, teaches music and has now gone down South America way – to Brasil
The site has undergone a major re-design and has lost all of the features I previously complained of.  This leaves my previous comment about there being good stuff on offer, as my main comment.  Plus if you want to know what Joseph is up to these days (I understand he has two new books in preparation, for example) this is the place to go.
FWIW, trying to access Joseph’s old site – – will automatically bring to the new site.

PPI(Business Growth and NLP) Training
Not just a company promotion site, though it does that, too.  A very professional-looking site that includes book reviews (on hypnosis, NLP and sales), links, and course details – naturally.  High quality site.  Worth a visit.

Practical EQ
Andy Smith’s site combining Emotional Intelligence with NLP.  Emotional Intelligence, first proposed by Daniel Goleman in the 90s, has been growing in popularity of late.  If you want to know what it’s all about, and especially how it relates to NLP, this is a good place to start.

Site for NLP-Ausbildung und thematische Seminaire. German site.

The Skills Network
A “learning community” promoting learner-centered personal and career development.

Anthony Robbins

For over 30 years, Anthony Robbins has dedicated his life to modeling the most successful people in the world.

Stever Robbins
Stever Robbins‘ award winning NLP and DHE site.  A wealth of information, links, etc.

Stephen Gilligan

Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D., is a licensed Psychologist practicing in Encinitas, CA. Stephen was among the group of students that gathered around the founders of NLP during its formation at U.C. Santa Cruz from 1974-1977. Milton Erickson and Gregory Bateson became his teachers and mentors.

Tarazat Institute excellent design, eclectic mixture of material – NLP, astrology, psycho- and hypnotherapy, etc.

Whispering in the Wind
The official website for John Grinder’s new book “Whispering in the Wind”, co-authored by Grinder’s business partner Carmen St. Clair Bostic.
The website includes the Table of Contents, sample text, an interview with John and Carmen hosted by Michael Carroll, and the archive of a discussion group on topics relating to the book.