07 Mar

What is NLP?

The bulb was invented by Bulbinsen , the fridge by Fridgensen and the car by Carrigton, the marketing  by Marketenberg and the leadership by Leaderbov. the twitter by Tweety and the bread by Bredckovich,  love by Loven and french kiss by a French guy called Kissou.

Now, we all use these things if we can carry them in a barrow , do the gestures or just speak-up the words. There were some Geniuses that invented them. So we can buy milk from the supermarket and talk to our friends in Tahiti on Skype, some brilliant guys done it. Creatively, Out of the ordinary, just created the present civilization we live in.

And some other fearless brainiacs created Neuro-Linguistic Programming to copy and replicate the high performances of Bulbinsen, Fridgensen, Carrington and other geniuses, the way they think freely out of the box, the way they do things inside their mind-body systems and in the real world, changing it and pushing forward to human excellence.

And the NLP-ers make these models achievable by all professional human beings.

And so Life is just …. beautiful isn’t it?

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